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How to DIY an Awesome Modern Planter Bench

DIY decorating has been making a splash in the design world for several years now.

But this isn’t your elementary school craft project or your grandmother’s knitting. These designs are modern and functional. Different options abound.

Designs for furniture and decorations that fit a variety of styles exist. They’ve been popping up all over the internet.

Many of these DIY designs offer an affordable way to decorate your home. Some are even created to be inexpensive look-alikes to expensive, designer pieces.

These designs are great for more than just homeowners. They make great, affordable accent pieces for a variety of businesses as well.

One do-it-yourself project that’s been gaining in popularity recently is the modern planter bench.

Modern Planter Bench DIY

The modern DIY planter bench project is popular due to how easy many of them are to build. Plus, the finished project is attractive and useful.

It’s stylish, functional, and is a fun twist on traditional planters. Use near the door to an office or home, as an accent in a garden, or even move it indoors, to an atrium or entryway.

Modern planter bench DIYs come in many shapes, styles, and sizes.

Some designs aim to keep it simple. They use plain, unpainted wood or even concrete blocks. They include simple planters. The style is sleek, sophisticated, and minimalistic.

Other designs create a much quirkier style! Paint and bright planters filled with colorful flowers and plants add a pop of color and a fun accent to any space.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Space

Before you start tackling a modern planter bench DIY, you’ll want to decide where the bench is going to go. This is important for many reasons…

If you’re planting outside, you’ll want to make sure you use wood that is going to hold up to the elements. When planting inside, you’ll need to think about what kinds of plants grow well indoors.

Once you’ve decided where your bench is going to go, it’s time to choose a design. There are plenty of plans and guides available online.

You can customize any planter bench design to make it match the space or your personal style.

Some even feature storage space – talk about functional! Use it to store gardening supplies or cushions and pillows from outdoor furniture.

Here are a few DIY planter bench designs to get you started:

A Sleek, Modern Planter Bench

The simplicity of this design makes it a great choice for those new to DIY projects and seasoned pros alike. This modern design would be a great accent for use outside of businesses, or outside of a home.

All you’ll need are two large planters, wood, deck screws, and tools. If you plan to use this bench outdoors, you’ll also want  a stain or sealer to help it withstand the elements.

When choosing planters to use for this DIY project, you’ll want to choose sturdy planters.

They also need to be about 18 inches high to be a comfortable height for the bench. The planters act as the base of this bench, holding weight and determining how high the bench is.

As you won’t be painting the wood on this bench, the planters will be the focal points of this project.

Fiberclay pots look like concrete and add a sophisticated, industrial look to this bench. Fiberglass planters come in a range of colors and finishes and give you more style options.

Simple, Natural Planter Bench

This natural-looking bench is a great accent piece for gardens or in landscaping.

As with the first design, you’ll need just wood, nails, and planters, and some tools. The planters in this design won’t be as visible, but you’ll still need sturdy planters that will last.

Choose your planters first, as the height will influence how wide you make the bench.

Rustic Planter Bench

This planter bench design requires some woodworking skills. The complicated design produces a more finished, yet rustic design.  It’s great for homes, gardens, and businesses.

You’ll need two smaller planters for this bench. Choose your planters first, as the size will influence the design of the rest of the bench.

This bench can be painted or stained for a custom look or be left “natural.” Add cushions for a pop of color.

Toy Box Planter Bench

This toy box style planter bench is as useful as it is stylish. The lid is hinged, making it a great spot for storing gardening supplies.

You can insert plastic tubs and use them to store cushions and pillows for patio furniture and more.

The planters in this design aren’t attached but can be added on one side or both sides of this bench. This makes it look like a single, continuous unit.

Large square or rectangular planters work best with this design.

Black or gray fiberglass planters, like the ones in the Imperium Line, add a modern touch. Or, choose poly-fiber or fiberclay planters for a modern, industrial look.

For a design that requires almost no maintenance, an artificial hedge is a good choice.

Artificial hedges are also easier to move than live plants. This makes them a great staging piece for real estate agents or interior designers.

Caring For Your Planter Bench

As with any planters, you’ll need to properly plant and care for the planters that you use for your bench.

How you plant your planters will have a big effect on whether your plants survive and thrive.

To perfectly plant your planter, start with a layer designed for drainage. Lava rocks, rounded drainage rocks, and non-biodegradable Styrofoam chips all work great.

You’ll want to top this drainage layer with a piece of landscape cloth. Next, comes soil and finally – your plant!

To make sure that your planter holds up, you’ll want to do a little research into what your planter is made of as well.

Choosing a quality planter will help ensure that your bench lasts.

Keep in mind that a cheaply made planter may not hold up well over time. Replacing the planters on your custom bench can be a real challenge.

Have you embarked on an awesome DIY challenge recently? How’d it go?