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Festive Planters!

Creating Festive Planters

Holiday decorating is so much fun, and really helps to set the celebratory mood! There are so many options available and containers can be filled with different types of greens, twigs, ornaments, and other interesting items.

Ottawa Garden Design has done a great job in explaining the steps needed to create your own festive planter: click here for all the instructions.

We like using a variety of fillers depending on whether the planter is under cover or out in the open. In Vancouver (where we live!), having something that will be okay to get totally drenched in important. Using soil can be an easy, no-fuss option. In a covered area, tightly packed styrofoam pieces, or florist’s styrofoam can make for an easy base.

Once you’ve chosen your container, and filled in the bottom with a medium that can hold branches, it’s time to create your masterpiece!

There are many items that can be found in your own backyard, or in your neighbourhood. Choosing 1-3 types of evergreen branches will comprise the majority of what goes into your planter. These branches can be long to create a ‘spilling’ look, or shorter to create an upright look. After the evergreens are added to the planter, there is no limit to what you can add.

Some suggestions that will add life to your festive planter:

  • acorns: plain or glittered
  • ribbons
  • lanterns
  • twigs: plain or painted
  • Christmas ornaments
  • flower blossoms
  • garlands
  • lights
  • and anything you can think of!

Adorning your entryway, or deck with festive themed planters creates a sense of celebration! These festive planters can be a fun family event where everyone gets to choose the different items that will be put into the planter.

These planters below were recently installed at Park Royal by Whole Foods:

whole-food-park-royal-1 whole-foods-park-royal-2










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