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Celebrating 12 Years!

Back in 2006, Atlas Pots opened its doors in Point Grey. It took nearly 2 months to renovate and beautify the store before opening for business in late February. Looking back, there was definite uncertainty abThe back deckout this new venture, there was also so much optimism and joy. People would come in and chat about their lives and gardens; they would ask what to plant or bring in something they had grown to share with us. The back of the store was a small private oasis with a lush garden, a water feature where we and customers would hang out and chat.

Within six months, we had an opportunity to take over a new space in North Vancouver. We took it! It was a juggling act carrying both locations so we decided to let the Point Grey location go.

Through these initial months, it was apparent that there were limits to what we could offer. Planters were only available in ceramic, earthenware, and concrete. All heavy options. We wanted Atlas Pots to become the placstore-front close upe for planters that were lightweight, winter-proof, and just great to look at. The process of designing shapes, researching how to best construct these planters, and the whole learning process igniting us! There was so much to learn and some definite trials along the way. There were also some awesome people and manufacturers that were willing to work with a small, unknown Vancouver business.

We are now in our 12th year of business, and are ever grateful to the support of our community, our industry, and our awesome customers!!!